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Monastic Life shall operate as follows:

Counteract involuntary loneliness and mental illness.

Promote friendship, joy, health and healthy relationships.

Help people understand that God exists and that He has created the whole world.

Reach people with the Christian message with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Help people grow in Christian faith and sanctification, promote Christian biblical truths and values.

Counteract alcoholism, drug addiction, porn / sex / gambling, addiction or self-destructive behavior.

Promote meetings, activities and experiences between people in real life - offline.

Act as a counter-force to porn, prostitution and entertainment violence.

Counteract beauty fixation, body fixation, oversexualization, superficiality and brand obsession / celebrity obsession.

Promote cultural life, outdoor life, highlight good leisure activities to do.

Promote leisure activities that don't revolve around TV, film, mobile phones, tablets, the Internet, electronic entertainment or the use of computers and GPS. (Exception: films that show the beauty in nature, that which God has created plus films with Christian content).

Highlight the value of beautiful nature experiences and tranquility, safeguard the peace of the public space, both indoors and outdoors.

Support rural life, nurseries, natural medicine, monasteries, recreation / tourism closely related to nature etc.