Human's beauty, intelligence and consciousness testifies to the Almighty Creator.
The body's many functions shows that there is a thought with our existence.
We have self-preservation and capacity for empathy, love and compassion. We can reproduce ourselves. We can think abstractly and we have free will.
You are intelligent design. You are created by an intelligent designer.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Updated 14 August 2012

Human life -the crown of the creation and a result of supreme engineering form God
I hope that this might help people to realise that God exists and that God is real.
There are many scientists, engineers, teachers, authors, business men etc that believes that God exists. Albert Einstein also believed in God.

Atheists are also believers, they don't have any proof
Some people consider that Atheists are not believers, that they simply know and that their position, opinion is science. This is not true. Atheists are believers, They BELIEVE that God does not exists, they believe in Atheism but they have no proof.
They just think that is the case. How can they PROVE that God does not exist? Show me that proof. I think the opposite, I think that God exists and so does many other people.

Think of the human eye. It's a very complex organ. The black pupil opens and closes depending on how much light it is exposed to.
If we enter a dark room the pupil opens up to let in more light which enables us to see better in the dark.
If we step out in the sunlight the pupil closes and gets smaller so that smaller amount of light reaches through the eye.
/VMC/DiseaseImages/2133_eye_anatomy_label_v2_700.jpg in Swedish

Sight, vision and the visual field
The human eyes can be compared to two digital video cameras or 2 photograph cameras.
Suppose that you filmed with two video cameras and broadcasted the two pictures on one big screen. What would that picture look like?
If the videocameras was not equally calibrated the color and brightness would be different on the two screens. In the middle of the screen there would be a line, a border where you could tell one cameras picture from the other, the different colors or brightness would reveal where the area of one camera ended and the other cameras picture started.
If the cameras where hanging in ropes or rubber bands and where swung to and fro the boundary between the two regions would be even more visual and easy to see. The movements of the two cameras would probably not be 100% synchronised and therefore the left and right sides of the image would not harmonise.

Your brain synchronises the pictures from your left and right eyes
Ok take a look around. what do you see? Is the left part of your sight field more blue, yellow or green that the right side? Is the right side darker than the left? Is there a boundary, line or a border in the middle? No there is no line or border in the middle. Your eyes sends the images to your brain that mixes the two live moving pictures into one perfect image where the two sources are merged into one and the limit between the two is "blurred out" so it forms one stabile live picture.
There is no delay from the live picture from the left eye, the picture is not hacking. The same for the right eye, no delay in the picture. All "frames" are in sequence and on time, live.
You get a live 360 degree visual picture that can also be tilted up and down as you please. Your brain also syncronises the picture with the surround sound from your ears.
This is the case if your eyes works as they should. If you have a sight problem then the picture is different of course.

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