Having fun without cellphones, TV and internet

We must help each other to return to real experiences where people meet and socialize without using mobile phones, tablets, computers, television or the internet. I learned a lot about such living at a Christian summer camp where I confirmed my baptism and Christian faith in Jesus. A lot of it was about worshiping and praying together, singing hymns, etc. but also that we played games and had fun, without TV. It was so nice.
It is sad how it has become nowadays when mobile phones, TV and the internet have taken over much of private life and when free time is often used to surf the internet or watch TV. This media fixation is destructive and vicious, it is not good. In addition, it is often idolatry which God forbids. God has warned me that my internet surfing and cell phone can ruin my relationship with him. Also keep in mind that the ruling elite does not want you to read this page. They want us to be addicted to the internet and they do not want you to go offline. Because otherwise they can not affect us as easily and make us aligned. They have a conscious plan to keep us focused on our cell phones and TVs. Irony is their weapon, think about it the next time you see rural life or older people, kind, honest people being ridiculed on TV. They may try to create the impression that people who like social games are boring or stupid people. Don't buy their irony. Resist it. A suggestions is to read about Report from Iron mountain which is about social control during long periods of peace. Anyway here is a list of fun things to do without using cell phones, tablets, computers, TV or the internet.

Social games, word games

Names on the last letter

A person says a word or a name, for example Jennifer. The last letter is r. Then the next person shall say a name that starts on the letter r, for example Rebecka. That ends with an a. Then the next person can say Anita or Anna. This is a pretty fun word game and you can change then themes. You can decide to only say names for men or women or both. You can also choose geography, names on cities, villages, countries and places. A good suggestion if you choose geography is to allow all things that is an actual place, a geographic place: names on cities, villages, countries. Another theme can be food, any thing you can eat.


Guess the person

A person shall think of a specific person that he/she is absolutely sure that all of the participants know who it is. Then all shall ask yes or no questions to figure out who it is. You can specify if you also allow dead persons, persons who are fictional like Snow white, Super Mario or Superman etc. If the participants think it's to hard they can ask for clues and they shall then also be given clues.


Whole and half ghost / half witch

You shall build words, but he or she who puts the last letter in the word and thus completes a word gets a minus point, becomes half a ghost, half a witch. If the same person again completes a word, ie ends up in a position where he / she completes a word, he / she gets another minus point. When you get two minus points, you are a whole ghost, a whole witch and you can no longer say letters, you are half way out of the game but not completely. I will return to the whole witch / whole ghost function later.
Example: Someone says a letter (And at the same time thinks of a word that starts with that letter) eg P (the word point). The next person must continue to build on what has been said so far, ie P. He / she thinks of the police and says o (po). The next person must build on the po and thinks of the word portion and therefore says the letter r (por). The next person must continue to build with the letters that have been said so far: POR the person then thinks of the word portion and therefore says T. But then it becomes: port and that is a word. So this person gets a minus point and you start over from scratch and say a new letter.

If you can't continue on without reaching a ceompleted word, then you simply say: "I can't" and then you also get a minus point and become a half-ghost / half-witch. If you get minus points one more time, that is a total of two times, then you are a whole ghost / whole witch.
If you have become a full ghost / full witch, you can no longer be part of the word building, you are half way out of the game, but not completely out. Actually, this is where the fun begins.

The one who is a full ghost / full witch must "infect" the others so that they also become a full ghosts / full witches. Anyone who happens to talk to a whole ghost / whole witch gets a minus point. If you already had one minus point due to word building, you now have two minus points and are thus also a whole ghost, a whole witch. So then there are now two whole ghosts / whole witches who will try to infect the others by getting them to talk to them. A single word is enough to get a minus point. So, if a person already has a minus point and thus is a half ghost / a half witch and says a single word to a full ghost, a whole witch then he / she gets another minus point and is so fully infected and is a full ghost / whole-witch and should help infect the others. This is the funniest parts of the game, that the others have to sharpen up and remember not to say a word, not even the smallest word to a whole ghost/ whole witch. When everyone has become a whole ghost / whole witches except one person, then that last person has won and the game is over.


Improvisation theater

This is very fun. Description will come

More games will be added..