As Christians we see our bodies as temples for God's Holy Spirit. Sometimes the temple needs a little cleansing, just as Jesus Christ cleansed the temple in Jerusalem from corruption, restoring the Holyness in the house of God. I have really felt the prescence of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life the latest years. He takes care of me. He helps me when I am weak, He rescues me. He gives me protection and blessings when I walk according to His will. When I fail and I am disobedient, He is still faithful and forgives me when I repent my sin. Thank you Lord Jesus! Here are pictures on the things I have been eating the latest years. I call it Temple Cleanse Diet.

Text and photo: Carl Grinde Date: June 25 2018
Updated October 17 2019

Health for body, soul and spirit
The latest 4 years I have felt God's calling to deny the desires of my flesh, practice discipline following a strict diet, to do fasting, pray and seek his face. I sense like God also has drawn nearer to me and that feels very good. But all days are not perfect. It feels very hard and heavy also sometimes. I pray for about two hours every day. First between 05:00 to 06:00 in the morning, then 12:00 to 13:15. Then at 21:00 and a short prayer before I go to sleep. During my lunch prayer it often happens that I get sleepy for about 5 to 10 minutes. This often happens after 20 or 30 minutes and I start to dream and fall a sleep, just a little, light sleep. It feels like God has accepted this, although he does not like it. Since around January 1st 2018 I always get up at 04:35 in the morning so no wonder why I get tired sometimes. But this tiredness does not happen during every lunch prayer. The Lord has also called me to become a vegetarian and to control/forsake my fleshly desires. This journey has not only been easy. Jesus Christ and His Holy spirit is working steadily within me and teaches me discipline. I really need it so much and I'm growing each day under His care.

Temple Cleanse Diet
Being a Christian is not about being a vegetarian and eating vegetables. Being a Christian is about having Jesus Christ as your Lord and God, your savior. The Bible is very clear that you can eat meat. The ambition of this side is not to make all Christians become vegetarians or vegans.
But since I clearly have felt God's call personally to stop eating meat, I have of course done so. Nowadays I don't eat any meat, fish or egg. I am almost vegan, except I eat youghurt. Because the vegan trend is so big, I can understand that God wants to put in some healthier eating habits focusing on health and veganism in the church. The page shows the food I have eaten in the last 4 years and I have chosen to call the Diet Temple Cleanse Diet to show a Christian alternative with healthy diet and prayer, Bible reading as a counterweight, alternative to the world's new age trend with yoga, meditation and secular veganism.
Then again: all respect to all who eat meat! It is apparent from the Bible that Jesus ate fish and lamb.
A temple cleanse - temple cleansing is perhaps just another word of sanctification. When you become a Christian and receive salvation through the love, grace, righteousness, holiness of Jesus Christ, life is very much about the mind, what you focus on, thinking about looking at consuming with the mind rather than what food you eat. Sanctification is about choosing to resist things that are apparent sins, things that displeases God. It's also about taking in what is good, things that pleases God, things that are Godly, righteous, and holy.
There, the diet comes in as an important aspect because what we eat affects the body either negatively or positively. Created in God's image, we are called to honor God with our bodies. We should take responsibility for how to care for the body in the best way. Body, soul and spirit belong together.
Below are some links to good spiritual education. Derek Prince is one of the very best ministers I heard. Pastor Nick Bitakis is also a favorite.

Update 2019-10-17 - strict ascetic, but not perfect
I have a recurring problem and that is that I unfortunately eat too much food sometimes. It happens about once every two weeks, sometimes every week. Since I'm basically very skinny, I feel like I have to eat quite a lot to keep the weight up but it easily gets too much. It's just very stupid of me the times I eat too much and get a stomach ache afterwards like today for example. Super idiotic. I really want to get past this problem.
I am now vegan and eat strictly ascetic, a bit like Ezekiel's diet. I often get vibes, touches and dreams from God, from Jesus's Holy spirit.

Update 2018-09-10 - stomach problems
On the whole, I've felt happy with this diet, even though I started it because I felt God was asking me to do that. I have rarely been ill or cold but now I feel tired and a little exhausted, hassle with my stomach aching every now and then. Some things I do to improve the situation are: Eat less salt (Seltin), don't drink black tea with the food but instead take green tea, don't eat the food cold so often, but instead heat it up, add some more water to the food so it's not so compact, eat more youghurt to the porridge/lentils (since I in later days not eat any fat or oil).
So in this way I have also abandoned LCHF diet, which I really love. Okay it sounds very boring, but I feel I get good vibes from God, from Jesus. He touches me with His Holy Spirit occasionally and gives me cool and interesting dreams, etc. It feels mighty good. So I guess the big question for me is: Do I love pleasure more than God? It feels like God wants an answer to it.
To drink Chaga tea eased up my stomach a little. Chaga is recommended, it's a superfood!

Longing For His Appearing, Part 1


Lentils, Barley, Oatmeal and beans
A dish that is almost always included in my meals is Porridge - oatmeal mixed with lentils and usually also Barley. I have it instead of rice, pasta etc. I cook the porridge once a week and keep it in the fridge and eat it cold. It's very convenient, cheap, healthy and tasty. The taste is really good when you have some Olive oil or Rapeseed oil to it, and some salt (Seltin). One should not take too much oil as it may irritate the stomach and is laxative in large amounts. The Lentils, Barley Oatmeal/porridge can be combined for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. Breakfast: eaten with jam, berries and fruits, Dates, seeds, nuts etc. For lunch/dinner it can be eaten with the main dish, perhaps with extra seasoning, Parsley Black pepper, White pepper, herbs, chopped Onion, Garlic.
Broccoli, Black beans, Chickpeas and kidney beans, potatoes ,green peas, peeled cucumber, peeled apple and bananas is my favourite food. To the lentils - oatmeal porridge I usually have natural organic yogurt as a dressing, both for breakfast and lunch. Perhaps you prefer coconut milk? Soy Milk? Since the porridge/oatmeal contains lentils it can be called Lentils with oats, Lentil salad, Lentil mixture. But just porridge or oatmeal works fine.

Reducing the phytic acid in the oatmeal for maximum nutrition uptake
Learn how to maximize the nutritional levels in the porridge, oatmeal with soaking and reducing the phytic acid. My oatmeal, the porridge is almost always soaked over night and the unhealthy phytic acid in the oats is reduced. Buy some raw oats, raw oat groats that have not been heated or steamed in the factory. Crush them in a blender or a grinder. Put a cup of these newly crushed oats in the soaking oatmeal over night in lukewarm water, not hot. This will start the process to release minerals in the oats and eliminate the phytic acid and make the oatmeal much healthier to eat. It feels so much better for the stomach also.
Perhaps it's best to use a cup of freshly-ground Rye, Weat, Buckwheat or Barley for the soaking?
Here you can read more about reducing phytic acid enggod116.html
Here is just another oat link.
Here are 3 links about a healthy wheat: Einkorn wheat
einkorn wheat benefits.
The mistakes I have done with this diet is eating to much, especially in the mornings, stressing - eating to quick (also most often in the morning) and taking to much oil. Not good for my stomach. I have had abdominal cramps sometimes and an recurring annoying mucous pain in my stomach. Since I started soaking the oatmeal/lentils and reducing the phytic acid the food is more enjoyable to eat. I have tried to take enough time for eating, less stress, not too big portions, not too much oil. From spring/ summer 2018 I don't use any oil or fat at all. But I have certainly not been very well in my stomach. The stomach has worked a little bit from time to time, sometimes good but on the whole it has been a disaster with recurring pains, cramps and frequent toilet visits. Since November 6, 2018, I've adapted the diet a bit after ib's advice and now it feels better at least. Lactose-free youhurt, sauerkraut and peppermint made the trick. Since I stopped using rapeseed/Olive oil on the oatmeal/ lentils, I have lately taken more youghurt. But now (November 2018) I have started to also have some oat milk to the food. I also now eat some potatoes and carrots, zuccini since the last six months, year. Above all, I have also finished salt, Seltin. I just take a little bit sometimes and I don't use salt on beans, lentils when I soak, boil them and it really made a difference for the better. My stomach pain disappeared to a large extent.

Mineral salt - a healthier alternative
Too much salt is not good for the blood preassure and can probably also contribute to kidney stones. I use the mineral salt Seltin. It's healthier than regular salt. "Seltin is one of the healthiest salts on the market. This salt contains 50% less sodium than common table salt." (
It contains Sodium chloride, minerals (potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, iodine), antifoam (E551)
"Seltin is a mineral salt, containing half as much sodium chloride as ordinary salt. The remainder is replaced with the health-promoting minerals potassium and magnesium, making Seltin healthier for the body." (
More mineral salts here:
GOODSALT Potassium Magnesium Iodized
No Salt No Salt Also Salt
more low Sodium Salt here

Links for inspiration: Porridge of Oat Barley, red lintils, Beluga lentils, Seltin mineral salt, Olive oil, Rapeseed oil, Seltin, Banana, Tea (Pau D'arco, Tulsi or Nettle/Peppermint tea)

Life is more than food and drink
It feels like the great call from God to me is mainly to forsake my fleshly desires, to walk in obedience to Him, to seek his face and to have my joy primarily in Him and not in what I eat.
I have adapted this page a little to fit others - giving tips about nuts, seeds, herbs, jam coconut milk etc. But for my part, it feels like God asks me to refrain from eating anything that tastes a bit extra good. But who wants to read such a food blog? All of us have different callings and different needs for God's education. Do not put burdens on others whom God did not ask you for. Anyway, I will now (2018-06-28) try to refrain from eating olive oil, rapeseed oil or coconut fat. These three things plus salt (seltin) are what makes the food taste really good. I can definitely say that the food on this side, the porridge - all tastes like a delicious delicacy when you take some oil and salt with it. I also don't eat jam, coconut milk, soy milk (too sweet), no nuts, seeds, herbs, spices. But life still has a taste, of God. God is fantastic.

Freedom Under Responsibility - God is a holy God
This strict approach is not meant for everyone. We have the freedom in Christ to enjoy life, good food and to feel good. But the Bible urges us to honor God with our bodies. God looks strictly at idolatry. Ask yourself. Is good food and sweets an idol for you? Is it something you love more than God? Is it unthinkable for you to fast? Is it unthinkable for you to fast from TV and the internet, to forsake those things - even for one day? What/who is God in your life? Make sure that the temple of the Holy Spirit is in order, in good condition when the day of the rapture of the congregation of God comes.