Open sky. This is so lovely. You can meet the Lord outside in the nature, in his wonderful creation. Pray to Jesus, the Fader and the Holy spirit outside, under the open sky.
Do you live close to the sea? Go down to the beach and praise God. Do you live by the mountains or in a big sky scraper city? Find a high top and go there and praise God. Find your own place where it's only you and God.

Text and photo: Carl Grinde Date: July 7, 2014
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Updated July 5 2018

This is the time and the season to seek God
Nowadays I make a total of two hours of prayer every day. I started praying just over an hour per day somewhere around in the end of May 2014. I just took the bike and rode off on one of those little forest roads. I found a nice spot in the pine forest not very far from home. It was still mosquito free season. Now they are also there.. One must wear extra thick pants and long sleeves and a hood on the head to avoid them. Then you can make it quite well. Since Christmas eve 2013, I pray to God 3 times a day, morning, noon and night. And then a month back (begining of June sort of 2014) the prayer that I do in the middle of the day is now one hour long. If I'm working or can't pray for one hour in the middle of the day I pray one hour in the evening instead. I make sure I use one hour of the day for prayer in addition to my short morning and evening prayer. It feels good to really give God a portion of my time and it feels like God really wants that time. If we can spend so much time on other things, TV, Computer, Youtube, music, cooking and household, job etc why not give God some of your time? After all, he is the creator of the universe, your and my creator. He has made us. He made this planet we live on, and he gives us the food we eat. He loves me so I want to love him, praise him, worship him with my life. It feels good.
(Update July 5 2018: I have 4 prayer sessions every day now.)

Do you still give 100% of your time to this? Nowadays I give in virtually no time at all to regular TV and worldly, secular movies. If you watch TV it's often sinful content, profanities, plus they are abusing God's name every two minutes or so. Most of the music I listen to is about God, worship songs, Gospel, hymns, bluegrass etc so I often go home and humming some worship song. But there is so much regular good music, so of course I also listen to non-Christian music. But I don't listen to hip-hop or rnb music so often anymore. The lyrics are mostly about sin so why should I feed my mind with stuff like that? If I listen I try to choose softer hihop, music with not so raw lyrics.
I think the rapture is about to happen quite soon. Are you ready? This really is the time and the season to seek God. Here are pictures from my nature church where I do my daily one hour prayer, praise to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Psalm 19:1

I love the summer, it's so beautiful. When you are standing at home outside praying to God, remember that the planet you live on, your place also is part of this and this. It's God's masterpiece you are standing on, planet Earth and for him, you are the crown of the creation!

If you have good boots on your feet it gives extra support when you kneel. It protects course also when going into a wet forest.
I keep the sleeping pad closed. I do not unfold it. I just kneel on the roll. But I stand upright also very much when I pray and praise God. I just opened the sleeping pad once and used it as an umbrella when it rained.

The ceiling is an open blue sky with fluffy clouds flying by. It's all made by the master architect and engineer himself, God. That's why I praise him.

Some more pictures of the surroundings.

Time for yourself with God
It's nice to get out in nature and we need to learn to calm ourselves in our stressful world. Time for yourself with God enhances life. Leave the cellphone at home.
Since this is so normal, then I think it's also fine to just stand outside in the nature praying to God, worshipping and praising God for the wonderful creation he has done.
And imagine, this is only a taste of what heaven will be like. Heaven will be even better and more harmonic, more beautiful! Praise God.


My other church in the pine forest

It was here I started praying to God outdoors in May 2014
I have beleived in God all my life and I have been praying to him outdoors before. Anyway this "Open sky outdoors prayers" I'm doing now started in the pine forest and not by the woodland lake. Here are photos from where I began to pray to God outdoors in May 2014. I took the bike to the forest to find a good, private and good looking place. I left the bike, walked and I found a good spot. After some days of prayer there I was amazed. When I looked up among the trees I saw an opening among the tree tops and it almost had the shape of a cross or a peace dove. For me, it feels like a sign from God. Like he is saying: Hi Carl welcome! The first photo is just nearby the church.

I experience that God quite often answers my prayers and that he gives me more support the more I pray and honor him. I always pray for spiritual protection for my mind and I encourage you to do the same for you. I pray that he will help me to overcome sin. I always say the Father's prayer and also confession of my sins. I pray for a little bit of everything, and I praise and thank Jesus Christ for his sacrifice and my salvation. I praise and thank God for the wonderful creation, the beautiful planet I live on, that he has created life. I adress his name as Jesus Christ's God, Moses's God, Noah's God, Abraham's God, Sarah's God, King David's God, Isaiah's God, Matthew's God, Mark's God, Luke's God, John's God, Paul the Apostle's God etc. I say that I pray to the God described in the christian Bible named "I am". I also pray to Jesus Christ as God and I praise him for his love, courage, strength, mercy and forgiveness.
(Update July 5 2018: Jesus has been faithful to me and kept me away from sin. God's mercy, Jesus Christ's Holy Spirit, my repentence, my change of heart - turning my life away from sin and starting to live a new life in God has been steady and sucessfull. Nowadays I don't say confession of my sins the same way I used to do when I made this page. God has helped me overcome sinfullness and He has forgiven me. Thank you Jesus! And the Father's prayer - yes I pray it quite often but not in every prayer session.)

In the world but not of it
When the Bible says that we shall not be to much involved in the world, then what is ment is corrupt and ungodly political systems and sinful lifestyles, greed, immorality, sexual sins etc. That is what the Bible means when it sometimes says: "the world".
The Bible does not encourage us to hate God's creation, the beauty of life, flowers, landscapes, nature etc.
The world is a wonderful creation made by our heavenly father. "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." But the creation is not holy and the creation is not God. The creator, our origin God is holy. He is God.
Sadly the end of the world is very near. Make sure you are saved, that Jesus Christ recognizes you as his friend.