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Text: Carl Grinde Date: January 14 2019
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Psoriasis linked to liver failure and Candida yeast infection, bowel problems
Medicines that have helped people defeat psoriasis are: Turmeric, Black seed cumin oil, virgin organic Coconut fat and Chaga mushroom. Turmeric and Coconut fat have one thing in common: they can cure candida yeast infecion. Moreover, psoriasis patients recommend to stop eating gluten. Gluten is included in wheat flour, corn, white bread. This food can also start candida yeast infection. If you have psoriasis you should try a candida diet for two months or so.

Psoriasis linked to liver failure - learn how to repair your liver
Many consider that Psoriasis can be due to liver failure. The liver is the body's "waste filter" and "dump". If the liver does not work properly the body can't get rid of waste products and toxins. According to a successful health expert Alma Nissen, the body has four ways to get rid of waste products: through the lungs, through the intestines, through the skin and through the liver. (wommiting exluded.) This means that if your liver can't eliminate or get rid of waste products then your body will try other alternatives and the skin can be one possible way.
People in very bad condition whose bodies carry a lot of toxins may experience a detoxification reaction such as "Herxheimer Reaction" when the toxins are released inside the body and start to cirkulate on their way out.
Make sure you know what you're doing when starting a detox program. Read advices and instructions carefully before starting.
For example, your urine might start to smell extra bad and get a little darker. This means that toxins is leaving your body.
If your urine is light yellow and almost look like water and does not smell, it indicates that your body is doing quite fine, compared to dark and smelly urine.

Turmeric is a good medicine for psoriasis Cleanse and repair your liver with Turmeric
The active ingredient in Turmeric is the yellow color dye Curcumin. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone. It's a natural health supplement that is good for the body in several ways. Take one tablespoon Turmeric in half a glass of water and drink every morning or a few days a week. Add half an ounce of black pepper for best nutrition intake. Hint: hold your nose and drink quickly for it does not taste good taking that much at the same time. Because of this you have to be motivated when doing it and you have to take a whole tablespoon. I tell you it's worth it. You can of course use it in cooking, soups, dressings etc. But you can also buy capsules. It's even more effective if you also eat organic coconut fat at the same time.
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Here is my whole page about Turmeric.

Severe psoriasis significant improved with Turmeric capsules, better self esteem.

Thanks to "Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy" turmeric in pill form cured scalp psoriasis in three weeks.

Curcumin shows promise as powerful skin disease (Psoriasis) treatment

Turmeric gel caps treatment: My joints are healthier, but the psoriasis completely disappeared!

Scientific study with Curcumins curing effect on psoriasis

Black seed cumin oil an effective treatment for Psoriasis
black seed oil nigella sativa (
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Started ingesting coconut oil in her daily diet, the psoriasis cleared up within two weeks and have not returned.

Chaga Mushroom is good medicine for psoriasis Cure Psoriasis with Chaga Mushroom. You can buy Chaga tea, capsules, powder, Chaga oil, soaps..
Chaga Mushroom boosts your immune system and several people have been cured from Psoriasis when using Chaga mushroom. I strongly recommend chaga for a good health. It can cure psoriasis, give it some time. Drink Chaga tea or eat Chaga capsules.
You can pick Chaga yourself in the nature. Chaga grows on Birch trees. It's very hard so you need an axe, a saw or knife to cut it down. Then you must crusch it, mince or grind it to smaller pieces and powder and then you can make tea.
Boil softly for one hour until the tea is very dark brown as coffee.
Images of Chaga chunks powder tea

Here are links to web shops with Chaga.
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( "Chaga: A potent immune enhancing fungus"

( "Chaga’s Medicinal Properties"
Chaga The King of Medicinal Mushrooms -by David Wolfe

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health about Chaga

Olive leaf extract - Oleuropein
The active component in Olive leaf extract is called Oleuropein. Olive leaf extract can be taken both internally and externally. It's is very good for the skin. It can even stop herpes pain if applied to the skin together with Coconut oil or Shea butter. A mixture of Colloidal silver and MSM should then be applied first (1 part MSM and 6 parts Collidal silver, let is soak in for one minute). Olive Leaf Extract
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Cure Psoriasis using Alma Nissen's method
Alma Nissen ran the health home Brandal, Södertälje for 30 years and she is a well-known Swedish health guru. She let her patients shower with pajamas on and then wrapped their bodies (except the head/ face) in plastic wrap and let them sleep like this, in the wet pyamas during the night. Next morning she removed the plastic. The scabs had now dissolved. Then she let her patients take a shower and helped them to scrape and rinse off the scabs with a sponge. Then she wiped them dry. After this she smeared the affected areas with a lotion made out of olive oil and crushed garlic. She also advocated a vegetarian diet. She made decoction in water and potatoes and she let hes patients drink the liquid that remained, flavored with some herbs, absolutely no salt. She also prescribed a strict fast combined with quite a lot of garlic.
Her methods worked. And she gave her patients an alkaline diet.
Bathing for 8 hours should be an alternative to sleeping with wet pyamas.
If you try this method to dissolve the psoriasis in water I would recommend that you first fix the real problem inside your alimentary canal/bowels. After a candida diet for maybe one month you can try this water-to-dissolve-scab/eschar-skin treatment.

Psoriasis and leaky gut (Candidasis) Natural treatments for Psoriasis Dr. Josh Axe

Candida yeast infection co-factor for psoriasis

Candida albicans yeast infection is one cause of psoriasis.
Candida treatment program should be used along side any other treatment.
Here is my page about Candida yeast infection.

( "Our results reinforce the hypothesis that C. albicans is one of the triggers to both exacerbation and persistence of psoriasis."

( "Correlations between Psoriasis and Inflammatory bowel diseases"

Skin Disorders and Candida Albicans

( "Candida is possibly the least understood, most widespread cause of continuing ill health currently in our midst," said Leon Chaitow 24 years ago. This is still true.

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Colloidal Oatmeal bath
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