Someone need to speak out about this widespread problem of today. It's an open reality that is in our face: loneliness, boredom, dullness, frustration and feelings of emptiness and meaningslessness, drug addiction, porn addiction, cellphone addiction... it's all around us.
But it can be different. Here I think the church has a big mission. With God's help we can change this.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: January 13 2020
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Updated January 24 2020

Loneliness epidemic
Loneliness is now such a common problem in the industrialized world that it can be called an epidemic. All ages are affected. Even though not exactly everyone is alone or burned out, today we have quite a bit of extra time left over which you may not really know what to do about. You end up sitting with TV, mobile, tablet. It has become so. Dullness, monotony and boredom are part of everyday life for many. Many are also on the border, when to have a breakdown, but still never does.

Not completely burnt out but not directly super great either..
Do you recognize it?

Loneliness and social isolation also increase mortality.
Who profit from loneliness? Many. Entrepreneurs in online gaming, television/ movie companies, telecom, broad band, cell phones, porn industry, narcotics, alcohol, tobacco and antidepressant medicine.
Together they sell us a false picture of what life is really about and what makes us happy.
The TV series Sex and the city is a clear example of this brainwashing for sex, consumption and single life with the message: every one else is happy being single/divorced and lonely watching TV and so should you be. Just smile an upload your next selfie on the webb.

Widespread loneliness strikes hard - reality bites
Why are there so many divorces nowadays? Why are so many people, single, lonely, bored and depressed? Why are so many people addicted to antidepressants and alcohol? There are several reasons for this. The root cause can be found in humanity's sin and rebellion against God. Modern society's goodbye and distancing from God and His etics/morals, His commandments, right and wrong are now striking back at us with full effect.
Unsatisfied, impatient, spoiled and arrogant, we reap the fruits of a godless society. We refuse to see our own evil and sin. You can sum it up in one word: pride. Or arrogance/egoism if you so wish. We do not want to be held accountable. Instead, we call for more freedom. Consumption deafens us to a certain extent, but not fully.
Are people happier nowadays, after the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70´s than before? Hardly.
pop songs about loneliness

Loneliness in Sweden
The Swedish Theory of Love
The Swedish Theory of Love (
The Swedish Theory of Love (
The Swedish Theory of Love (

Do you feel a little bit lonely and bored?
You are not alone.
There are so many who share the same problem.
Loneliness is a modern epidemic.

UK has a loneliness minister
UK now has a minister to deal with the loneliness problem. Her name is Tracey Crouch.
"more than 9 million people in Britain—around 14 percent of the population—often or always feel lonely."

Loneliness among elderly

Family Four - Kör Långsamt (Hem till ensamhet) Drive slowly (Home to loneliness)
Family Four - Kör Långsamt (Hem till ensamhet)

Industrial automatization/Robotization - fewer needs for human jobs
The advantages of modernization are of course that we get a comfortable life with lots of smart inventions that make our everyday life easier. The big disadvantage is that jobs are getting fewer and fewer as the industry is automated and the robots are doing more and more work.
As the robotisation/ computerization of society and industry progresses, the need for human labor, skill and knowledge becomes less and less. There are so many people that are uneployed today. People sit isolated at home with their TV, computer, cellphone and Ipad.
robotic technology in industry
industry automation Industry 4.0
industry automation

Solo health stations
Yes my friends, this is what we are heading at. Automated health care on "solo health stations". Sick is what it is.
Solo health station

"Save time - kill time" ... the problem of the world today. What shall we do with all our extra time?

Smartphone addiction, internet and the destruction of social life
Who needs to ask anyone about the way nowadays in a foreign city? No one. We have our smartphones that know the answer. Who meets your eyes on the bus or says hello to an unknown fellow traveler? Hardly anyone. With eyes on the smartpone and headphones in ears, people sit there completely encapsulated in their own digitized existence.

Social media causes loneliness
On social media we all try to look happy and show our very best. And of course we all need positive role models, but everyone is not as happy and perfect as they might seem.
Even people in media can feel lonely and empty or depressed.
Unlimited internet surf... is it really the answer?
Peter Artman Jesusfördig Sverige ( in Swedish

The statistics show that the loneliest group in society is 16-24 years

Unlimited internet surf... is it really the answer?

Selfie stick - all to maintain the image of the perfect self
Ok both good and bad here maybe. It can be nice if you are, for example, a newlywed couple on holiday to be able to take photos where both are included. And it can also be good and practical even for those who are outdoors alone and want to perpetuate a memory. But the thing in itself is almost a little too much in some way.
selfie stick
photo filter app face editor ... it's a sick world.

Vanity, appearance fixation and narcissism
Vanity, appearance fixation (by my own and others), pride and narcissism have been some of my big sins so I'm sorry to be part of the destructive attitude that characterizes our time. But it feels like I've really been trying to change my attitude in recent years now that I'm living in my conversion/repentance that Jesus has given me.

There is even a word nowadays for the fear of losing the cell phone: Nomophobia. Talk about a sick world.

Good enough is not enough - there can be even better things...
Advertising makes us always long for more, more expensive, luxurious, even cooler things so we are not happy with what we already have.
The market capitalism's system is based on our consumption. Anything that leads to increased consumption is considered good. Reduced consumption is considered poor and compared to stagnation. Depressed, stressed people consume more, fast food, more sugar, more alcohol, tobacco, medication and porn. Many large companies profit from our ill health. Through advertising, they even create needs that we did not initially have. They make us fell unhappy with what we already have. They take advantage of our weakness and vulnerability and use it to sell us stuff instead of helping us really feel better. It's called boring-problem-solving.
I wanted to become an art director before and work on and advertising company. Now I'm glad I don't do that. It would probably have destroyed me, my soul. Now I can work with graphic design anyway on my own terms. I don't earn any money on it but God has taken care of me.

Rock/Pop stars admitting to be lonely and/or bored.

Seeing through the glamorous image or stardom
Yes, even pop stars are lonely and bored. Here are som texts that talks about boredom the depraved lifestyle of modern fame and the desperation of shallow night life/club life.
This is really so tragic.
The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction "And I try, and I try.."
Freddie Mercury - Living on my own, "I get so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah"
Britney Spears - "My loneliness is killing me"
Suede - "Just trash me and you it in everything we do"
Robin S Show Me Love - "Heart breaks and promises I've had more than my share"
"I'm tired of getting caught up In those one night affairs What I really need is somebody Who will always be there"

King of sand by Per Gessle (of Roxette)
"Here comes King of Sand, here comes the king of nothing at all"
Per Gessle - KUNG AV SAND ( - You heard it from himself.
Per Gessle Ferrari Nice cars man! But I wonder if he has many friends?

"More than seven out of ten (73%) independent music makers said that they have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation. Out of those, as many as one out of three (33%) said that they have experienced panic attacks."

Loneliness in USA and EU

Bullying and loneliness - a common problem

Loneliness and mental illness

"in 792 million in 2017 lived with a mental health disorder. This is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%)"

Anxiety and stress common among students

"suicide is the second-leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 24."

Self-harm, self-injury

Organisations and hot lines to prevent depression and suicide

God exists. And He loves His creation. He loves you.
As a Christian I would like to say that you are not alone. God exists and He loves you. God exists. And He loves His creation. He loves you.
Archangel Michael Testimony.!! Must watch.!! (
Life is no accident. This is advanced engineering.