Winter and beautiful, sparkling snow crystals. This is so beautiful. I love it! Thank God for the snow and the winter. Thank The Lord for the beauty he has created.
And praise and thank his son Jesus Christ, that he was willing to suffer and die for us. He saved us. Imagine praising him under a clear starry sky.

Text: Carl Grinde January 7 2015
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Photo: and Carl Grinde
Updated January 15 2015

This is a great time for praying outdoors
An update video about my life January 2015 and me preaching, it's over one hour long.
Winter in Northern Sweden "Norrland" is the mosquito free season, lots of fresh air, calmness, pure white, beautiful snow and starry sky at night.
As I started with around Christmas 2013, I now pray to God 3 times daily, morning, noon, and in the evening. I do my noon prayer somewhere between 12:00 and 17:00. I do this noon prayer for about one hour at most times (I started keeping the noon prayer one hour long from June 2014 sort of). The picture below is from December 24 2014 - Christmas prayer and praise for Jesus Christ to celebrate his birthday.
Actually I don't know the exact date when he was born. Jesus Christ has existed since the beginning of time and he is the son of God and our saviour.
When I had finished my prayer a big bird flew over my head, I think it was a Rough-legged Buzzard or such, it looked quite big.

Amazing northern lights and starry sky at winter nights
It's also nice to go out in the evening for a walk and perhaps a prayer. In the winter, at night the sky is filled with glimmering stars. Very beautiful and nice as a place for evening prayer.
You can also see the awesome northern lights at nights sometimes. That's very beautiful. When I'm outside and praying I also close my eyes sometimes just to focus more on The Lord and not what I see. But he made the creation for us to enjoy and it's the ultimate proof of God's existence.
When the Bible speaks negatively about the world it is the sin that is mentioned, the evil in this world, not God's beautiful creation. Well... it is true that all this will perish and this world will soon be gone. God will come and bring his people home to heaven soon and he will create a new paradise, a new Earth.
starry sky photos starry sky photos starry sky photos starry sky photos northern light photos northern light photos

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105

Each snow crystal is a piece of art made by God
When you pray to God outdoors in a white winter landscape you are standing in a sea of beautiful snow crystals made by the almighty Creator.
In spring time each one of these crystals melt and become fresh water for the earth, the plants and the animals - and for you. It's a perfect cycle of life created by The Lord.
Each one of these snow flakes is a piece of art. It's God's perfect artwork.
This is absolutely wonderful! God is fantastic!! Thank the Lord for the beauty he has created. Praise him! He is a genius. God is the origin of our existence.
snow crystals snow crystals snow crystals snow crystals snow crystals snow crystals

Can you survive one day without smartphone, computer, Tv, video games? Who is your God?
You shall have no other Gods before me the Lord says in his word. Idol worship is a sin, but most of us do it.
We are addicted to internet, our computer, TV, social media etc, me to. Last Sunday I made a decision that during that day I would not use my computer at all, no internet surfing, do nothing with my blog, no TV, no such things during the whole day. I don't have a smartphone, I can't watch internet in my cellphone, I have an "old" cellphone with real buttons on it. Such as our ancestors used to have, made of stone and wood (nah just kidding but it's just a cellphone without internet surf.) So during this day I only used my cellphone to check what time it was now and then. And I did not even turn on my computer. I think this is the direction that God likes.
Actually I had a dream before about that my laptop was my "Idol image for worship" and that I, because of spending to much time with it, I missed the rapture. God left me here on Earth with my "real God", the God I actually loved - instead of God. That's sad. Do you even have time for God? If you start to pray more often, if prayer becomes a big part of your life there is one more thing that your will have to do. You will have to tell others what you have been doing. If someone asks you: Hey how are you? What have you been doing today? Have has your day been? If you have used one hour of prayer that day you need to testify before that person and tell him/her: I have been praying to God, to Jesus, I'm a Christian. If you keep silent about it, then you are ashamed of Jesus, you deny Him. He learned me this the hard way. Atleast that's what I think happened one day when God tested me.

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