Now it's even easier to spend time with the word of God. You can listen online and there seem to be recordings made in all languages. Enjoy!

Text: Carl Grinde Datum: December 2, 2013
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Updated April 18 2016

Gods word online
This is so great, the Bible is availible online as audio! I read the Bible almost every day, it's fascinating the more I learn about what God does and my faith grows.
But this is so good, being able to listen to God's word online. You can just soak it into your soul! There are even dramatised versions, it's a little like watching a movie.
I recommend, really good, living and dramatised version of the Bible, made with actors, sound effects and realistic atmosphere.

Audio Bible online different languages

Audio Bible online in english

Audio Bible online in Swedish

The Bible as text online. Read God's word!
The Bible is inspired by the spirit of God. It's the word of God. I believe that the things that is written in it is true.
The supernatural miracles have occured. This is fantastic! in Swedish