Jesus is the Son of God and has existed before the beginning of time. He was born as a human 2000 years ago and spent about 33 years here on Earth to complete his mission given to him by his father. He came to save humanity from Hell and to ensure eternal life and salvation for all who believe in him and love him. His salvation is availible for all.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Updated March 2 2015

Proof that Jesus transforms lives

God's plan for our salvation
Jesus Christ is God's son. He is the Messiah, the savior of the world.
He died and resurrected from death. He rose to heaven where He today sits on the right side of God.
He will judge humanity on God's judgement day. Those who believe in Jesus Christ and love him will be saved. He can erase your sins and give you eternal life. Through his holy and pure life, voluntary suffering, death and resurrection he created peace between us humans and God.
He is the perfect master and savior of the world. He lives today and he loves you.

Start a relation with Jesus Christ and become a christian
You can start a friendship relation with Jesus now. Pray to him and confess him as your Lord and savior. Say with your mouth that you believe that he is the son of God, that he died for your sins and resurrected from death. Say that he his your Lord and that you believe in him. Confess that you are a sinner, confess your sins, say that you regret your sins and ask him for forgiveness. If your prayer is honest your sins will be erased and you will be forgiven by God. He hears your words. He has been waiting for you since the beginning of time. He is pure love. If you are unable to speak, just think the words, he will hear you.
Being a christian should also mean that you want to follow Jesus and also try to live by his commands, that you want to obey Jesus Christ and worship him. He forgives us when we fail.

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Jesus Christ was a sacrifice for our sins
This world is evil. There is a lot of suffering, greed, selfishness, wickedness, wars, violence, sexual immorality and crimes in this world. We are all more or less involved in this destructive behavior and none of us is totally innocent of doing wrong before God.
If God is to be a just God before humanity, he can not just turn a blind eye to these crimes.
According to the Old Testament there is no forgiveness unless blood is shed. The son of God, Jesus Christ chose to step in, in our place and take the punishment for us so that we would be able to walk free.
This is the reason why Jesus was sent to Earth, as a voluntary sacrifice for our sake, someone had to take the penalty for our sins.
Jesus was willing to become this sacrifice and he is the ultimate hero and the saviour of the world.

The Messiah, the sacrificial lamb had to be someone 100% pure, spotless
The Messiah had to be someone 100% pure, spotless and without sin. Among us other humans there is no such person. We have all sinned. We are not worthy as a sacrifice. Jesus Christ is our only hope because he is without sin, he is pure and holy.
He was also willing to give his life for us. He sacrificed himself and died as a martyr.

God respects your pain
Have you suffered? Are you a crime victim? Have you been beaten, tortured, raped, hated or bullied? Has this happened to someone in your family? Has someone you love been murdered or mistreated?
Jesus wants to avoid judgement and erase the sins of humanity. This creates a big problem, a question mark. If he wants to forgive the criminal, the murderer and the offender, then what about your pain? What about the horrible pain sorrow and anger of all those who have suffered and the pain of their families?
This shows how deep Jesus's love is. He went through all the pain, torture, hate and death in respect of the victims of crimes in this world. He suffered also by respect to all the families of crime victims. He had to share their deepest pain first, then afterwards he can look them in the face and say: I forgive the sins of the world.

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God and morals, right and wrong
One more thing necessary for the forgiveness to be possible is that there actually are things that are right and wrong, morals and the Bible talks about this. It is a huge difference between this and the liberal attitude today where most things are ok.

Christianity spread like fire - after that Jesus had died. Why?
People listened to Jesus, they celebrated him as their Messiah. This made the religious leaders angry and furious so they arranged for his "fake trial", torture and death sentence.
Jesus was sentenced to death in a rigged court trial.
he was officially humiliated, tortured and executed by crucifixion. He was whipped bloody, nailed on a cross and died. Every one saw it. His disciples saw it, the Roman and Jewish authorities and all the rest saw his death. He died in public.
Is it not strange that the disciples still kept their faith in Jesus even after he died in public, tortured to death? Why did so many people start to believe that he was God himself just a few days after that ALL PEOPLE SAW THAT HE JUST DIED? Something unusual must have happened.
The fact that thousands of people just a few days later wanted to be baptised in his religion and in his faith, in his name clearly shows that something very strange and unusual must have happened.
Why did so many people start to believe that Jesus, the dead Jesus now lived? The roman leaders knew about rumours about a possible resurrection (because he said: tear down this temple and I'll rebuild it in three days.). Therefore, after they had killed him they put a big stone covering the entrance to his tomb and a guard outside. They didn´t want his followers to steal his body and spread rumours. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Jesus showed up living in front of many people after his death and resurrection, at one time for 500 people. He lives today.

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