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Text: Carl Grinde Date: 26 Juli 2012
Updated December 30 2017

Bart Druckenmiller tells of a prophetic dream that a woman had about 45-50 years ago approximately. In the dream, she saw lots of small boats at sea with one person in each boat. Each person had their own boat. Suddenly the boats started to levitate and fly up towards the face of God in heaven, but all the boats did not rise, not her own boat. The boats represent each one's personal relationship with God. You have your own relationship with God. Even if you know a Christian who likes you, you can not get in that person's boat. You have your own. God loves all people and through Jesus, God has the ability to give salvation to all, anyone who does not choose to wander away from God.
He wants to give personal salvation to everyone and share our relation for eternity, He loves us. You can not rely on help from another person when it comes to your eternal salvation. You have your own relationship with God.

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America -how long will there be peace in the states?
Turn your life to God. And don't focus hate on Obama, he is just a tool for the ruling elite -Rothschild, Carnegie, Mellon, Heinz, clintons and others.
If you criticise you should focus on the politics, the substance not the person. Obama is not the Antichrist. Here is my guess about who the Antichrist is. It's a man with great fortune, influence, power and an evil heart.
His company owns all the banks and the global debt. Isn't it strange that media never talks about who the creditor for all the debt really is? Well here he is, pretending to be so smart. He is the loan shark that has created all the enormous debt. He is a European banker.

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Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
Luke 21 36

for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in and shall not be able
Luke 13:23-28

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"Rapture clouds" are not created by god but the result of weather modification H.A.A.R.P. technique
created by man "Rapture clouds"
False Jesus's return holograms in the sky
Youtube clown don't listen to all the "rapture videos" on Youtube.

Be ware of fake return of Jesus Christ, fake alien invasion, new world order

What will media say when the rapture happens?
What will happen when the rapture happens, when many people are gone? Millions of people vanished into thin air. What will media say? When millions of graves around the world are opened and saints have appeared all at the same time, what will media say? I think the ruling elite have a plan for this, to deceive people. First, christians who are left behind will not feel good about it. Many preachers, pastors etc will feel ashamed. So they will rather listen to a lie instead of facing the truth.
What I'm about to say now might sound strange, but I believe the ruling elite might have time travel machines. I'm not sure of course but perhaps.
If so, they know about the date and the timing for the rapture and they have a plan ready to decieve those who are left behind, which will be the absolute majority.
They will say: these people disappeared because they are bad people. They have been teleported, moved to another planet for re-education. Or they might say something like: these people have been terminated because they were evil, missleading people.
If you start to do research about time travel, teleportation issues you will sooner or later come to pages and videos with deceptive media channels and also demonic material, "New Age stuff". Therefore I will not link to any material about time travel. But I can mention the Cern hadron collider in Geneva in Switzerland, they can generate light speed in that thing. Also the patents of Nikola Tesla, the Philadelphia experiment, Montauk project, Pentagon, DARPA, NASA, the exopolitics agencies/conferences, Andrew Basiago, Project Pegasus.
Ok I must admit that I'm very interested in this topic, time travel. But the subject itself easily becomes an idol for me, idol worship. It replaces my intimacy with Jesus and also, there are so much demonic videos and images out there on the web so it's best to not surf on these pages. Oh by the way there are 3 existing patents for time travel machines. But anyway people who hang out on these conferences seem to be mindcontrolled, decieved and not born again christians. I mean, one woman speaking at some sort of conference with Andrew Basiago in a youtube video said: "my story goes back to the big bang."
I mean...she's really lost. She also called God and Satan "creative forces within our selves".
But anyway, the ruling elite might have pre-knowledge of the rapture and also a plan do decieve us. Keep in mind: the dead in Christ shall rise first.
But just look at this: a zombie apocalypse. Come on.

I think the Bible is a little bit confusing about the resurrection of the dead, or anyway I can't really understand it all..
Jesus says: "I will raise him up at the last day." But the Book of Revelation speaks about two resurrections and the text says: Blessed and holy is he that has part in the first resurrection: on such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.
Revelation 20:6
So according to this text it sounds better to have part of the first resurrection and not the one "on the last day" that Jesus speaks about. Well who said I must understand everything about this? We must focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus christ.