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Text: Carl Grinde Date: 26 Juli 2012
Updated January 5 2018

Rapture of the church imminent!
I and many others believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of the church. All true Christians, all who really love Jesus Christ will be caught up into paradise on one moment. I think this might happen very soon. Are you ready to meet the Lord? Bride of Christ are you ready? False Christians will be left behind.
After this event, the rapture, the removal of the church, evil will rule on Earth and the anti-christ kingdom, the great tribulation, the great sorrow will start. This horrific period of pain will probably last for 7 years. After this period of great disasters, pain and terror Jesus Christ will return to Earth and start his millenial reign.

Jesus return and Jesus Millenium
When 7 years have passed Jesus will return and the whole Earth will see him as he comes in glory riding in the sky flashes from east to west. He will then wipe out all evil in one stroke.

Those slain by the LORD on that day will be spread from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be mourned, gathered, or buried. They will be like manure on the surface of the ground.
Jeremiah 25-33

Then he will begin his Millenium kingdom that when he will rule the world for 1000 years. When 1000 years have passed there will be a last rebellion against Jesus because many people, but not all will be disobedient to God (Revelation 9:1-11).

Can you tell the difference between antichrist global kingdom and Jesus millennial reign?
I think they will try to fool us to believe that the beginning of the tribulation period actually is Jesus Millenium. The world will unite as ONE with global citizenship, rfid microchip implant. There will be manny economic benefits for those who participate, for those who takes the mark of the beast 666. Many will buy it.

If God says, "I come quickly" it may mean within two years. Or within four years. Seen from an eternal perspective four years is very soon for God. We must be prepared.

The rapture is imminent she said

I Saw the Tribulation - Ken Peters (Best Video of End Time Prophecies)
It's the best video about the end times, the great tribulation, the new world system.

Watch therefore for you don't know the hour your lord is coming
Matthew 24:42

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Age of accountability -children will be saved
This video says that all children under the age of 12-13 years will be taken directly to paradise when the rapture occurs. This includes even unborn children. (But about all these things, we can not know for sure.)


Rapture Dream And Vision

Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
Matthew 3:2

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The Rapture is SOON!!! The Rapture is SOON


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My rapture dream, I was left behind

This happened to me in october 13 2013. I was chocked when I woke up in the morning!
... not a good feeling at all.
I have now radically changed the way I live.

From me Carl Grinde, my rapture dream, I was left behind
This happened to me in october 13 2013. This is God's warning to me what would happen if Jesus would have come for his church. I would have been left behind. I was not a true follower of Christ.
Now I have turned away from the homosexual lifestyle. I have also left my other sexual sins behind such as watching pornography, masturbation, being promiscuous. I don't do these things any more and it feels good. I feel close to the Lord.
I pray 4 times a day, morning, noon, evening and before I go to sleep. I thank Jesus for his grace and salvation which he gives me as a gift. His Holy Spirit touches me.
Resisting the new world order is not enough for God. To only resist the illuminati and rfid implants etc is not enough. We must also leave our sinful ways of living if we shall enter the kingdom of God.
Jesus is coming back very soon! His arms are wide open and he is longing for your love! What could be better than that? Nothing!

I edited the video and split it up in two separate videos but originally they are from the same video recordning.
I added some extra commentary just to say that I think that God is telling me that homosexuality is a sin. I did not say this in the first version of the video, but the more I have been thinking of it, the more clear does that fact seem to me.
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rapture dream part 1

rapture dream part 2. This one also contains a positive rapture dream I had long ago.

My second video is about another dream, a positive rapture dream
This is actually the best experience I've ever had! It was a baptism in the spirit that happened in sleep but afterward I was awake laying and praising God for surely over an hour. I dreamed that I met Jesus in space and was filled with his holy spirit.
It was mega fantastic! This dream and experience occurred when I was about 16 years old, so about 1989 and I feel that the meaning of that dream and experience is that Jesus asks me to give him 100%. I'm doing that right now.

Until October 13 2013 these have been my mottos:
"I am a christian in my own way"
"do what you want, party on"
"sin does not matter, whatever is good for you is the right thing"
"God is love and sex is love"
"God is love and God forgives"
"I can be Christian, gay and live promiscuously, it's ok to watch porn"
... this don't really work for me anymore. Not in any way. I have fooled myself and picked bible scriptures here and there. Scriptures about sin and hell have been totally ignored by me.
A faith without acts is a dead faith the Bible says. I want a living faith! Starting from October/November 2013 I have changed the way I live and I feel that I have a good and living relation to God again.
It's not our acts that saves us. Only Jesus acts and God's mercy can save us. But we can walk away from God and I don't want to do that anymore. Well now I'm back dear Lord.
This whole thing of being gay and Christian has been super hard for me and a great soul struggles. It's a big conflict. I know for sure. I've done a bit differently in different periods of life. It is a huge topic and I'll write more about it.
Although I no longer live out my homosexuality so it's still there in me, even if I in recent years has become a bit bisexual.
But I do not feel I condemn myself as I tended to do before. This thing happening now feels like God is with it and it feels good.
Update January 5, 2018: God has changed my life, he has indirectly shown himself to me so I live for him now instead of sex.
Since I think of sex quite rarely and does not live as gay, I don't call myself homosexual anymore. I have sexual feelings for women, which I previously thought would be impossible for me. I have thoughts about marrying a woman and getting children, forming a family.