Top supplements: Olive leaf extract, Chili, Cayenne pepper, Oregano oil, garlic and more.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: January 14 2019
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Updated January 19 2019

Blood thinning foods and herbs
There are many ways to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart problems, stroke etc. Your food can be your medicine. You don't need to take a pill.

Olive leaf extract has many health benefits, good for the heart
Buy Olive leaf extract here.

Natural blood thinners in herbs and vegetables - salicylates
Herbs and spices high in salicylates are Curry powder, Cayenne pepper, Ginger, Pepper, Thyme, Cinnamon, Dill, Oregano, Turmeric, Licorice, Peppermint.
Use this in your cooking to improve your health and prevent stroke and heart problems, blood clots.

Chili and Cayenne peppers is good for the health
Chili and Cayenne peppers prevents heart diesease, stroke and improves cirkulation.
Chili is actually a mix of different dried chilis, vegetables and herbs. Cayenne is an individual pepper, most often sold as a powder spice. (in Swedish)

Cayenne pepper helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure, reduces LDL cholesterol levels, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic

Tabasco contains Cayenne pepper you can eat it to improve your health
images of Tabasco

Oregano oil prevents blood cloths and improves your health
Oregano oil can treat infectious diseases. It's good for the heart, lowering cholesterol levels
P73 Oregano oil capsules
Oregano oil capsules
Oregano oil
Oregano oil

(From “the essential oil of oregano is the most powerful plant-derived antiseptic known.” Research in 1977 done by Dr. Belaniche resulted in his “oregano Index” against which all other antibacterial substances are compared. Oil of Oregano is the closest to being the ideal antibacterial agent. Dr. Blaiche states “Among the more active of oils, Oregano is the best of the best. The essential oil of oregano has always provided me with amazing results in treating infectious diseases. Dr. Jean Valnet who is a French authority on the use and benefits of essentials oils, states that essential oils “proved to be many times more effective at killing pathogenic microorganisms than antibiotics.”

Buy Oregano oil and use it in your food, in salads, dressings, soup etc. On pizza :) Oregano oil is a super medicine!
It is very strong, be sure to dilute it with water or olive oil, Coconut oil or the like before using it. A few drops is enough. oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil
Oregano oil

Get some excercise and move your body
Some excercise is always good. Take daily walks. Moving and walking, working out, dancing, skiing, swimming -any sports that moves your body can help to prevent stroke or trombosis. Blood's structure changes when you move your body. It becomes more easy fluid compared to when you only are sitting still.
When you only are sitting still all the time your blood becomes more viscid and sluggish and this can contribute to stroke or trombosis.
Ok here is a tip of what you should not do : )