Genitals, anal, urology, gynecology, sexual health, STDs, intimate skin care, etc.

A page about genitals, sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases and much more.
Herpes, Condyloma genital warts, Candida yeast infection - leaky gut, painful menstruation, urinary infection, incontinence, enlarged prostate, pain or problems in anal, hiv/aids etc.

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Candida yeast infection
Itching and pain in the genitals or anus can be caused by Candida yeast infection - Candidasis.
Common causes of Candida yeast infection are: poor eating habits, sugar, sweets, white bread, alcohol, stress and anti-biotics. Candidasis is also a sexually transmitted disease. But you can develop the disease on your own, too, without any sexual contact.

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Herpes is a is highly contagious disease that causes cold sores on the mouth or genitals. It infects via kisses, skin contact, sexual intercourse, indirect contact via towels etc
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Condyloma - genital warts
Condyloma causes warts by the human papillomavirus (HPV) on the genitals or anal. The disease is sexually transmited and is highly contagious, even if no warts are visible. The incubation period may be several weeks or months. This means that you can be infected and carry the disesase for several months without showing any symptoms
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Intimate skin care - private parts
General advice for skin care in the genital area.
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intimate skin care, abdomen


Overactive bladder, urinary incontinence
Several supplements and methods to improve bladder control and inhibit urine incontinence are listed on this page.
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Anal problems, anal itching, pain, hemorrhoids etc
General advices on anal (rectal) health are given here. Here are tips on good ointments, home remedies, sitting baths and more.
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Male infertility, enlarged prostate, impotence, erectile dysfunction, Jock itch, hair regrowth, ringworm in scalp or beard (Tinea Barbae)
Male health problems and natural treatments are described on this page.
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Painful menstruation - Endometriosis
Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue from the woman's uterus grows elsewhere in the body and other organs, such as the fallopian tubes, bladder, ovaries, rectum and other places. It causes a lot of pain and suffering during menstruation.
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painful menstruation - Endometriosis

The vast majority of HIV medications have the potential to kill if taken as prescribed. Many today question the real reason/ cause behind what is called HIV / AIDS.
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